Dr. Matthew D. Schatt is a tenured music educator with the Independence Local School District (Ohio), Adjunct Assistant Professor with the University of Florida, and a Part-Time Instructor with Kent State University.  Dr. Schatt guides instrumental music students in the fifth through twelfth grade, facilitates middle school general music classes, and implements the AP Music Theory class for Independence High School.  His active research interests include studying the practice routines of pre-adolescent instrumental musicians, examining the motivational interests of K-12 musicians, and exploring student-centered models for secondary instruction.  Dr. Schatt’s research has been disseminated in Psychology of Music, Update! Applications of Research in Music Education, Visions of Research in Music Education, Research & Issues in Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education, and Contributions to Music Education.  Dr. Schatt currently serves on the editorial board for Contributions to Music Education.